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07-12-2019, 10:45 AM
How John scored a $62K GMB Gig using https://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=BYHW2&m=3dyhrNePHbIhliL&b=ltQcnPomISiTWjY_PbR7Jw
Interview revealing tons of secrets, on how you to can rank like John does.

In this conversation we go over:

Using Points of Interest as addresses to create drive to maps to your own or clients GMB's

Google now displays points of interest based on location

We talk about possible new features to add to GMB Dominator

We give a shout out to Head of our support Colin for the amazing work he does on everyone's computers. He's a beast.

How John got his big $62,000 dollar GMB gig.
And the related strategies he used to nail the presentation.

Discussing Points of Interest possible update to GMB Dominator

Going over the basics of getting a GMB to the top of the Rankings.

Specific strategies used from the get go when getting a new GMB client.

Speaking about the GMB business site Services section.

We speak about duplicate content if it's an issue or not.

How to take a client's GMB from 55th to 5th

Using Events

The importance of Google Photography Partners.

We discuss 360 videos for GMB's

We discuss making schema easier to use.

We discuss new features coming in GMB Gold Detector

We discuss how easy it is to Rank Live Video content

Using GMB dominator to rank No1 in surrounding neighbourhoods
and exactly what he did to

I shared a story about Holly and I staying at the Hilton Presidential suite LOL

Discussing Live Rank Sniper strategies. And possible way to improve it.

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P.S. The GMB Dominator Bonus Software GMB Gold Detector is coming along so nicely,
now with scheduled follow up emails, further increasing conversions from prospects to real clients.