View Full Version : How to Upload Your PDF(s) to your Google Drive Account.

10-18-2019, 07:06 AM
Login to https://Drive.Google.com

There are 2-3 ways to access a file. (pdf)

The first way, is what I translated from
Peter's Video, as outlined here:

Click on "New" (blue button)*
Select "File Upload"

Navigate to "Documents"
Then navigate to "GSites Builder"
Then select "PDF's"
You will now see all your PDF's
Click on the latest PDF
You will see a small window
pop up on bottom right and it says:
1 Upload Complete. Click on that small window.

Now click on the "3 small black dots,"
on the Top Right Hand Corner of your Chrome Browser,
and select "Share."

The small "Share" window will pop up.
Click on "Advanced" (bottom right
of that same window.)

The "Sharing setting" window will appear.
Copy the link in that window and paste that link into
a TEXT File or Note Pad for future reference!
You will need it later to use in your GI software.

Now, click on the small blue link called: "Change."
and change your link from Private to "Public" by selecting
the button called: "On - Public on the web"

By making it Public, this allows the Spiders to index it.

Now click "SAVE"

Now click "Done." - You're DONE! :)

.................................................. ................................

The second way to access your file is:

Login to your https://drive.Google.com

If you have created files previously
in your Google Drive, you will see them
displayed immediately when you login.

Simply RIGHT CLICK on the (pdf) file
that you are going to be using for your GI Software.

Then select "Get a shareable link."

Then click on "Sharing settings,"
(bottom left corner of that small window.)

A new window called: "Share with others" will pop up.
Copy that long link by using the link in the TOP RIGHT CORNER
of that window. It copies it to your clipboard. Now, SAVE that
link by pasting it into a TEXT file or Note Pad. You will need it
later to use in your GI Software.

Now, on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of that same window,
click on the link called "Advanced."
The "Sharing settings" window will pop up.

Now, click on the link called "Change."
The "Link Sharing" window will pop up.

Click on the button called: "On - Public on the web."

Then click "SAVE."

Then click "Done." --- You're DONE! :)