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05-16-2017, 11:20 AM
Here's a great free online Keyword Density Tool, that works with Google Sites.

Here's the idea.

We create a lot of sites, and find those that seem to rank better than others we have created.

The variables when creating sites are:
Template used.
Length, or how many words used in the article supplied to the software.

If your keyword density is too high, your sites may get penalised by Google Algo.

If Keyword density is too low, it may not rank very well.

Out of the box, I've used a good keyword density though its pushing the upper limits of how far you can go, so risking seo penalties, though ranking well. Noting its high KWD without any article content added.. Adding article content lowers the KWD.

I don't know that sweet spot in KWD yet, we haven't had enough time to do it.

Below is a great tool that reveals the KWD for google sites.


There' are two options

Minimum word length
Minimum occurrences

These default to 2
I run the checker using 2
then again using 3

to get a good overall view of what's happening on my site.

here's one of my site URL's below, this is how it should look like when entering it in the checker.


This example site I've placed above you can use in the checker to see how it works. I used this site because its ranking Page 1 No 4
for a pretty competitive term in a very competitive market. Robina is the central hub of the Gold Coast which has a population of 600k for reference.

And it's competing in the SEO marketplace, so this is pretty good or spectacular results.

The term I was targeting is Seo Services Robina. Which ranks P1 No1

But for it to rank for SEO Robina P1 N4 is pretty awesome and a very pleasant surprise. Showing the real power of these Google sites.

So, after you've been using the software for a bit.. you'll get to see which of your sites are ranking well,

can you take a screen capture of the results, only of those ranking well and then we'll all learn from each others work etc.

If you don't want to give up the niche your targeting, blur over those keywords, but leave the percentages etc.. so we can learn etc.

Thanks guys..

Btw.. I'm digging this new forum.. this is much better than FB groups.. e.g. I'd have posted this message in a group and it would of got attention for a few days or a week, then it would of been buried and lost forever.. Using this forum.. This information will stay visible to everyone forever.. :)

11-22-2019, 07:29 AM
I see this was started 2+ years ago...I use the same tool u referenced when I check kw density.

Any feedback from the past couple years on best/current kwd?