View Full Version : Number of accounts per project niche?

07-20-2020, 07:55 PM
I just bought Hangout Millionaire, 10 Gmail accounts, and 10 twitter accounts. If I'm posting in the wrong place I apologize as this is the only page I have access to post in.

I have 3 sites I need to rank and they are in 3 different niches. My question is does each account need to be reserved for a specific niche?

Like I cannot use one account for a cleaning service site and a skincare site?

If I divide the accounts into 3 niches will 3 Twitter and 3 Gmail accounts be enough to run projects to rank? or is 3 not enough? I would be only posting 8 videos per youtube account every 2 days as the training recommends.

07-22-2020, 02:03 AM
I am also curious about this question. I live in a mid-sized US city area. The entire metropolitan area is just under 1 million people. In studying many local business niches in this area so far, I have found VERY LITTLE competition in the GMB arena. In fact, I was able to create my new "SEO Agency" GMB/website and rank it #1 for several main SEO terms in my part of town just by optimizing the GMB properly (and not even using HOM). I have done one run with HOM so far to see if it will expand the reach of my GMB to other parts of town as well.

Based on the seemingly relative ease that could be needed to rank local GMBs in this area, how many accounts would you recommend using?

Also, do you recommend using accounts for more than one client? In the same or different niches? Or can you just use the same accounts over and over?

07-22-2020, 11:12 AM
ok we are talking about branded or non branded promotions

90% of our projects will be non branded promotions.

A Branded promo would be used for a massive extremely high paying client, who's paying you a LOT for their promo..
You'll bill them out for the accounts used and to set them up.

So all their social media is themed with their brand etc.
These accounts would have their logos on the accounts etc and the only content that goes through these social media accounts would be related to their niche etc..

Non branded accounts, which is what the vast majority will do..

What we are creating are links from Google entities..

So you can do promotions over the same accounts for different niches.. I've used the same google accounts for years, running tons of different niches through them etc.

Main point being..

If you've got a lot of videos to create, do these over a lot of accounts..

You need to protect your accounts, so they, like mine last for many years and those backlinks stay active forever..

If in doubt.. use more accounts / video etc.