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12-11-2020, 06:18 AM
hi everybody , my name is Frank.

i just got LRS some days ago.

after watched all the videos at the LRS channel from peter at
im excited about it, however i cannot understand at all how to make it run due to 2 reasons:

1.- english is not my mother tongue, im spanish , so videos are not the best way for me to training.
2.- tehre is not pdf that shows step by step how to run the sofware

i would need someone to teach to me how to run LRS step by step. litle by little .. the 26 min video whre Peter shows how to run it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3AURQV6H48 looks fine but , due to my lack of knowledge in english i got lost for example in the keyword step.. and i m not sure how to manage the location feature .. definetely i would need someone to teach me some details that i miss.

i asked support and they finally advised to me to open here a thread.

im willing to compensate $$ for half an hour for someone that is expert in this sofware.

in the past i had other softwares from peter , like LLH, EVO and bruteforceseo . So id like to manage properly this LRS . I need to get traffic for my ecommerce site about kids dress here in Spain.

thanks in advance.