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12-05-2017, 07:03 AM
Hi Pete,
I have been using HOM for about a week now and the results are outstanding!

Just wanted to check, is there a possibility to allow more than 1 keyword field/placeholder field in the software so that we can tie in our different softwares together.


I have G Sites with HOM so I would like to run a batch on both the platforms and link to specific URLs based on the keywords that the software is running


KW1 : SEO in Gold Coast
URL1: site.com/seo-in-gold-coast

KW2: SEO in Sydney
URL 2: site.com/seo-in-sydney

Essentially I would like the URL and the keyword to match up for each run that I do to build up the relevance of the links I send through. I am also testing this out with a new serpshaker site and I forsee this being a really great strategy.

Thanks Pete!