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01-22-2019, 05:30 AM
I would like to create multiples FB live principally to FB groups daily and also I will do in FB pages and timeline.

What are the best practices for FB management account?
1. How many accounts can I manage with my same IP/PC?
2. How many group request is safe per day/per account?
3. Is better to have an FB account for niche or I can have an FB account working in a few niches?
4. Is safe to have multiples FB live running at the same time with different FB accounts?
5. I did my first test with 2 FB groups, one public and one closed:
-In public, I see my live event but I see "You have 1 post pending approval": do this mean that I donīt go live because I need the admins approval my post (live event)?
-In closed, I donīt see my post at the same time that the first FB group I see it a few minutes after. Donīt running the live events at the same time in all FB groups?


01-22-2019, 10:15 AM
all good questions, some you'll need to play around with and find the answers yourself via testing..

there is no limit.. it's like uni students all using FB over the campus IP address etc. If there is one I haven't found it. If you do find that limit.. you'll then need to back it off some.

about 15 from my testing per account.

some accounts can cover a lot of niches, other niches are more specific requiring their own .. but works either way..

not sure tbo, never tested more than one at once.

In the closed group you joined.. the settings must have been to be approved by admin before posting. When joining groups it's a good idea to avoid groups that require admins to approve posts, for obvious reasons.

It is in real time.. there's no delay whatsoever.

01-23-2019, 09:29 PM
ok, thanks for your help Pete.

01-25-2019, 10:51 AM
welcome ;)