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    Extreme ranking report question

    Great read thanks!

    Had one q

    > GMB URL
    > Google Maps = Short URL and Long URL

    Whats the difference between gmb url and google maps url arent they the same?
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    Re: Thoughts On This NEW STRATEGY

    Great idea indeed

    U ever test this Randy?
  3. Re: Another Article Spinner site to use

    Just wanted to throw this out there, not my product, not an aff link either...but Ive been using spin rewriter for a while and its pretty sweet.
  4. Sticky: Re: Get original EU passeport, Real EU ID cards, Schengen Legit VISA, False EU driver licence maker

    Well I think I already know the answer based on past q/a on similar questions but still wanna double check.

    Should proxies be used for logging into the different gmail accounts or I guess that...
  5. Does this replace the original google sites creator software?

    Does this replace the original google sites creator software?
  6. What's the current best package deal on ALL software?

    It's been a lil while since I've been running any related software...I've got some new projects going, some of them pretty heavy I'm looking to go all in whole hog with every...
  7. Is the local guides program active yet?

    I just saw this related thread and got really excited

    I'm not looking for a free trial or anything as I see that's...
  8. Re: WpCreator Software Video Tutorials and Instructions

    Did u ever find a workaround for this? I noticed this recently when having schema code on sites which then syndicated out via ifttt to wp and it shows up as broken code visibly vs in the background...
  9. Re: The Biggest Mistake People are making using this Software. Plz Read inside.

    What are the current best 'stick pcs' to use specifically? I'm going to try one as well as a vps
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    Sticky: Re: Про воду

    I see this was started 2+ years ago...I use the same tool u referenced when I check kw density.

    Any feedback from the past couple years on best/current kwd?
  11. Re: How To Embed PDF's on WPCreator , Gsites, Mass Blogger Software, Trust HiJacker etc

    I always embed youtube vids/playlists as well as google maps...and link to them directly.

    Is there added benefit to embedding things like pdfs vs just a direct link?
  12. Re: General Questions Thread. Ask anything in here. Read Here first

    Had a similar question/concern...I've noticed sometimes when verifying a google account, or reverifying, you dont need to actually receive a text at the number, they just want to confirm that you...
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    Re: How to Order Twitter Accounts

    Whats your long term stick rate for your google pva accounts? I had a bad experience before i bought 100 of them and they were all Indian based names/info/etc and I'm guessing verified via that...
  14. It would be good for any customers to post back...

    It would be good for any customers to post back after they have used the accountgs actively for a while for feedback on if they stick, or if they get suspended, or need reverified via phone etc
  15. Re: plurk auto post in SNAP in squarebook site not working?

    i downloaded the latest version of snap from their website and its working on my own shwp blogs so maybe the plugin version on the square book sites just needs updated?
  16. is tube tornado available to buy so i can use it on all my wp sites?

    Im looking for a good way to have a video pbn and automatically embed my yt videos from different channels on all my domains. tt seems like a good choice
    is there a way for me to purchase it or is...
  17. plurk auto post in SNAP in squarebook site not working?

    I dont see any way to update the plugin maybe that will help?

    I entered all my info double checked copy/pasted but it keeps telling me Bad oAuth Login:
    Could not connect to Plurk. Refresh the...
  18. Any ifttt recipes to auto post rss feeds to the squarebook site?

    Title says it all would be great if there is one of these...i know the tube tornado auto posts the youtube which is awesome, but would love a recipe to do the same for new posts on money sites or...
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    Re: ever going live again?

    check, understandable

    any good alts?
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    1,682 ever going live again?

    Loved this site/service while it was up for years but seems to be down for quite some time. Should I permanently write this off or will it be resurrected at some point?
    Any suggested alternatives?...
  21. Difference between hom and video creation pro?

    Was looking at the sales page and it looks like its a couple years old

    Has infinity hom fully replaced this or are there any benefits to vcp?
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    What RSS Aggs are currently valid?

    Over the years I've seen tons of aggs for submitting your rss feed for auto updating backlinks (thanks alot to Pete for my intro to amazing rss magic actually).

    I've been sifting thru my bookmarks...
  23. Re: Any ifttt recipes to post pinterest pics or youtube videos TO instagram?

    Still brainstorming here to automate more...

    Youtube or rss trigger to post to buffer which then posts to instagram?
  24. Re: Any ifttt recipes to post pinterest pics or youtube videos TO instagram?


    Are there any possible workarounds for a go between to get a 2nd or 3rd tier link between them at least?
  25. Sticky: Re: $1 Gets YOU Hangout Millionaire Infinity Update Plus Tons other BONUS Software = SUCCESS!

    The biggest change I see is no more global settings area...from reading the pdf and watching the videos it seems to be saying it takes care of the image length etc to make things unique...
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