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    Main site url

    In the strategy document you talk about mixing up the map urls in the article (description) page with 10 spun short map urls. Do you also mix up the main site url in main settings? If so, what do you...
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    Re: Re Adding Google Accounts

    I am getting same problem. Support said it should be fixed in latest update, but still persists for me in v1.9
  3. Sticky: Re: Get The Ultimate GMB Map Blaster Software Here. FREE

    Where do I find the strategy document Peter refers to in the video?
  4. Sticky: Re: Google Site Generator Tutorial No1 by Peter Drew

    Just joined. Not sure if previously covered:

    -can we reuse same gmail account in future campaigns or is it only 8 pages/sites for the life of the gmail account?

    - how do we know for future...
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