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  1. Re: Embedinator Training Video

    Thanks! Just trying to get an organize idea in one place since there are so many resources available form you that serve this best and yet some that serve other purposes as well.

    Double Cheers!
  2. Embedinator Training Video

    Knowing that some have been successful with GMB Dominator and GMB Embedinator in generating the Maps 3 Pack, I am just wondering if there might be a 1, 2, 3 type sequence that leads to the greatest...
  3. Re: Fitting Attitude Intem

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    Sticky: Re: GMB Dominator Software Beta Is Live

    Where are the links to start it and the Embedinator. I found them before but surely don't see them now,
  5. Re: New Update - Google Site Gen Software Version 1.5

    Apparently, no way to erase a Google Account address or password once you have entered it, without starting over.
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