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  1. Re: plurk auto post in SNAP in squarebook site not working?

    i downloaded the latest version of snap from their website and its working on my own shwp blogs so maybe the plugin version on the square book sites just needs updated?
  2. is tube tornado available to buy so i can use it on all my wp sites?

    Im looking for a good way to have a video pbn and automatically embed my yt videos from different channels on all my domains. tt seems like a good choice
    is there a way for me to purchase it or is...
  3. plurk auto post in SNAP in squarebook site not working?

    I dont see any way to update the plugin maybe that will help?

    I entered all my info double checked copy/pasted but it keeps telling me Bad oAuth Login:
    Could not connect to Plurk. Refresh the...
  4. Any ifttt recipes to auto post rss feeds to the squarebook site?

    Title says it all would be great if there is one of these...i know the tube tornado auto posts the youtube which is awesome, but would love a recipe to do the same for new posts on money sites or...
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    Re: ever going live again?

    check, understandable

    any good alts?
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    1,620 ever going live again?

    Loved this site/service while it was up for years but seems to be down for quite some time. Should I permanently write this off or will it be resurrected at some point?
    Any suggested alternatives?...
  7. Difference between hom and video creation pro?

    Was looking at the sales page and it looks like its a couple years old

    Has infinity hom fully replaced this or are there any benefits to vcp?
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    What RSS Aggs are currently valid?

    Over the years I've seen tons of aggs for submitting your rss feed for auto updating backlinks (thanks alot to Pete for my intro to amazing rss magic actually).

    I've been sifting thru my bookmarks...
  9. Re: Any ifttt recipes to post pinterest pics or youtube videos TO instagram?

    Still brainstorming here to automate more...

    Youtube or rss trigger to post to buffer which then posts to instagram?
  10. Re: Any ifttt recipes to post pinterest pics or youtube videos TO instagram?


    Are there any possible workarounds for a go between to get a 2nd or 3rd tier link between them at least?
  11. Sticky: Re: $1 Gets YOU Hangout Millionaire Infinity Update Plus Tons other BONUS Software = SUCCESS!

    The biggest change I see is no more global settings area...from reading the pdf and watching the videos it seems to be saying it takes care of the image length etc to make things unique...
  12. Any ifttt recipes to post pinterest pics or youtube videos TO instagram?

    I can automate posting from youtube to pinterest...but I cant find any recipes to get youtube to update instagram. Or to get any pinterest pics to auto upload to instagram.
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    Current Ping Suggestions?

    Seems like a very outdated thing to be talking about in a sense but...was cleaning up some folders and found an accumulated list of over 200 sites to ping to but as of now in my wordpress writing...
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    advanced acct creation q's

    In the advanced account creation strategies pdf, what is the difference/point between creating a gmail with a new username vs the use existing email option listed? And I can't figure out what we are...
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    IFTTT questions

    I love ifttt!

    Was curious about the two separate pdf files that come with the software, the one seems to be a few years old and created for the other/older video software pre-hom. Then there is an...
  16. Re: Updated SEO Ranking STrategy report that I previous emailed everyone with corrections.

    Why not also link to money site in Step #2b & 2c?

    How/where would you integrate your blogger software in this mix for best effect?
  17. Re: Lesson learned don't build too many backlinks to G-sites fast!

    Did your sites come back?

    Maybe if we all brainstormed our best performing parasites, we could get pete to create software for them like there is for gsites/blogger/wp?
  18. Re: The Biggest Mistake People are making using this Software. Plz Read inside.

    Using so many different google accts in your experience is there no need to use a proxy/vpn to change ip addies between all the different accts or does google just not watch/penalize for this?
  19. install in default folder or in dropbox etc?

    Will the software have issues if I install it in dropbox (so it autosaves/backs up all my stuff) or should I install it in my C program files folder where the software wants to install it by default,...
  20. Sticky: Re: Become a Mass Blogger Software Beta Tester here for $1

    Any good data from pete or anyone else on ctr/traffic potential of the top 1-3 organic spots when there are 3 maps listings above it (as well as the ads above that)?
  21. Re: Best Computer Setup to Run these Awesome Software Tools ?

    I can't help but ask..."One of my favourites to use is an older laptop that's 6 years old and only 2 gigs of ram and most likely an I3 Cpu etc.
    It has windows 10 on it.
    It runs all our software...
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