Ok Here's the idea.

To Rank GMB's in additional Locations to the one where the GMB is actually located, using our tools supplied here, we create drive to and from maps from the GMB to the surrounding neighbourhoods etc.

Typically our customers main site has a landing page for each neighbourhood etc.



There's a new product out called


Using this strategy on your customers sites internal neighbourhood landing pages,

will certainly bring tons more traffic to your clients site. YAY!!

But can certainly help bring Additional Relevance to these landing pages,

which is then passed to the maps inside them,

helping them to rank in the additional locations as well.

These landing pages are typically hard to provide unique content to them, it's the same business just in a different location.

Using this strategy, SnipRanker provides all these new relevant content to use to help rank these page at the very top of Google!


Best part about this product is the cost.. it's peanuts , so are the OTO's which I suggest you get all of them. This is what I have here.

Grab it here SnipRanker

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Snip Ranker has so many uses for the website owner or agency:

1. Create valuable FAQs on your website
2. Optimize the page to rank in the valuable top 0 snippet position using the data from your research
3. Use the Q&A to post questions on your GMB Listings (this one I love!!)
4. Get new content ideas that already rank
5. Unlimited queries!!
6. Literally point and click easy to use.

Snip Ranker is a must have and at a competitive price you won't see anywhere else (and I've seen some pricey ones with high monthly fees for larger scale users).

Always a pleasure working with Abbas and his team, I appreciate your guys dedication and professionalism! Leave it to Abbas to deliver another winner!

Carin HandsunIWebResults Digital Marketing Agency, USA