Best Practices 2017 - Keyword Poking/Youtube
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Thread: Best Practices 2017 - Keyword Poking/Youtube

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    Best Practices 2017 - Keyword Poking/Youtube

    When using Live Rank Sniper for Keyword poking, Is there a best practices..for example

    Should I use my own account or open a new one? or use Turn & burn accounts?
    Once I find the terms that rank, How many Live events should I upload a day to one account?

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    Re: Best Practices 2017 - Keyword Poking/Youtube

    All this info is in the PDF suppliet.. the PDF is in your start menu..

    Though in short.

    As a rule I never advise people to use any automated services on their own personal or business accounts, risk is minimal, but why put years of content at any form of risk whatsoever.

    Typically speaking you'll get best results with an Aged Youtube account that's had at least one video indexed for years..

    We supply Custom YouTube / Google accounts

    here's my discounted link

    The number of videos per day per account? typically I do up to 8 per other day and works well.. you can do more, but the more you do the more risk you expose your account to spam penalties etc.

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