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    Account Management

    Below is a list of account management steps to ready your Youtube accounts for use in HangoutMillionaire, LRS and EVOIII:

    1) You must log into the Youtube account from the same computer you will be running the software on and respond to any verification requests (via SMS etc).

    2) The account needs to have an active channel

    3) The account needs to be Youtube Live enabled and verified

    4) Respond to any Security email in gmail for the account when you first log in

    5) If you run HOM using an account and see a popup in the image below, you must click it manually (this only shows one time in a Youtube account).
    After clicking on the popup, HOM will continue and it will run through automatically from there

    Once you've done all steps above HangoutMillionaire will run smoothly in that account.
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    Re: Account Management

    I need to cancel all subscriptions for this and google indexer
    thank you

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