What about Zip Codes ?
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Thread: What about Zip Codes ?

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    What about Zip Codes ?

    Hey Everybody,
    I have been using the GMB map blaster for some time now and its been great. I wanted to ask about the locations, would it be beneficial to use all of the zip codes in a given area?
    For example one of the cities I do work in is rather large and has about 15-20 different zip codes and I have started testing those along with actual locations to make up the location list.

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    Re: What about Zip Codes ?

    Google search seems to focus mostly on your zip code, at least as a first layer of local relevance.
    Maybe within the zip code, depending on your location and volume of available search results for a given query, your search results could be more customized on a tighter radius.
    If I search ‘best brunch’ in a city of 100,000 people, Google will look mostly at my zip code vs. if I search ‘best brunch’ and I’m standing in the middle of Manhattan where Google might look first to within a block or two of my exact location.

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