Hey Guys..

Indexing times, or the time it takes from the time the blogs are created to the time they arrive in the google index are varied.

1. Aged Google account, that has had blogs created years ago.. is the fastest way your new blogs will get indexed. Obviously spiders have frequented these before.

2. Aged Google account, no blogs previously.. is the next fastest.

3. new google accounts, take longer than both of the above to get indexed.

Use the upload PDF to drive.google.com feature to help speed it up and provide additional inks to your blogs and the links inside the description of the blogs etc.

The above is not related to using ping services or additional links.

You can put links to blogs previously created in the HTML section of new blogs created etc.. this helps of course.

Additionally, you can use this free service

to ping all the links inside the PDF..
PRO TIP after the software has uploaded your PDF To drive.google.com the URL to the publick PDF location is stored in your Clipboard.

Paste his into a text file, along with the other URL's in the PDF

and ping all those URL's using the above ping services, use the bulk services.

Here's the thing with blogger blogs, they Rank Harder, or higher over time.

Next Pro tip.. don't wait for the first ones created to get indexed, continue to create as many blogs as possible then in a couple of weeks I promise you, you'll have a massive smile on your dial when you check your rankings

As I always say, "If in doubt?" create more!!