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    Backlinking & Other Questions

    Hi Peter,

    just wanted to reach out and say hi. I've been testing your software out over the past month for local client kw vs affiliate terms/national kw with varying success

    For local, some longer tail stuck quickly. Other more competitive terms are not in top 100 (though when the kw is entered in " " in google its on the front maybe just a matter of time)

    The one question I had for you (and I know it depends) is how long you wait before you start actively SEO-ing some kws

    The reason I ask is that one kw for has been off and on the second page of google (indexing, de-indexing, appearing and disappearing) for a term that gets 5000+ searches
    a month and could prove very profitable

    It's been about 2 weeks so I'm just wondering how long you usually wait?

    2. I've been using my own gmail accounts (3+ years old). If these rankings stick and I successfully rank them to the front page I assume that's when I would need your AI accounts
    to help ensure they don't get de-indexed/banned.

    3. I've seen your infinity software - not sure just yet if I've got enough video content to make use of it. Are there any other services/products you'd recommend to compliment
    your google sites software?

    Appreciate your time

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    Re: Backlinking & Other Questions

    RE : It's been about 2 weeks so I'm just wondering how long you usually wait?

    I don't wait at all with google properties, I add links to the ranking sites, in the description of the next ones I create immediately.. works great.. I continue till the rankings I want are achieved, then a top up again in a couple of months.

    Using AIP accounts from is what I always use.

    The beauty of this tool is you can use just 1 video as many times as you like, the software re renders the video each time it produces one, e.g. adds an images to the front and the end of the video at varying durations making each video completely unique from any previously created so you only need one video.. or you can use images you have to create a slideshow video in this software, if you don't have images you can source them via keyword from Instagram. Or you can search in youtube #creativeCommons keyword to find a video to use legally etc.

    Typically this is what I suggest people to do, chosing one of the above video options and if it's all going great, you can create a more professional video while promoting then switch over to that when it arrives, remembering you can use that single video over and over and over.


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