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    Re: AI Profiles

    Quote Originally Posted by equitydw View Post
    How can I get access to the white label system.???
    Please send a ticket to Support.

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    Re: AI Profiles

    I purchased an AI account with the IFFT set up and only used the account a couple of times....I later went back and tried to do a run in the G site software and it says the email account looks like it was set up in a way that violates the TOS and the account is now deactivated.

    Is there any recourse or a way to get a new AI account or am I just hosed on that email address?

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    Re: AI Profiles


    I recently purchased two AI profiles over the weekend and when I went in to login to these account today Google is telling me the accounts are disabled and this is before I have even got to use them,

    Account Disabled.jpg

    What has caused google to disable these accounts?
    Has anyone seen this happen to them?

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