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    Recommended Very Affordable VPS

    As a number of members like to use a VPS to run their software and can experience problems due to the wide variety of VPS systems on the market, each with their own setup/problems. We've investigated and found one VPS supplier which we were able to successfully run our software on without some of the issues experinced on some VPS systems. Below are details of how to get your own VPS plus steps to install the required pre-requisites.

    To Signup for your own VPS

    Our recommended VPS provider is a $20 Windows VPS at
    Recommended Specs -> Hyper V Windows VPS, 2 slice, 2 Core, 4GB RAM, Windows 64bit 2019 Standard.
    Watch the video for signup process


    Once you have your VPS there are a number of pre-requisites below that must be installed, some are standard for both PC & VPS plus a couple of others specific to VPS.


    Install Desktop experience

    1. Click on the Sever Manger
    2. Click on Add roles and features

    3. Click Next

    4. Click Next

    5. Click on Features
    6. Click the User Interfaces drop-down

    7. Check the box beside Desktop Experience

    8. On the popup click Add features

    9. Check the box Restart the destination server automatically
    10. Click Install

    After everything installs the server should restart to complete the installation


    Next install D3dcompiler

    1. Download from this link
    Install once the download completes

    VPS Preparation Process
    Watch this video for how to setup the recommended pre-requisites for Evo III

    Next Install Microsoft .Net 4.8

    1. Go to this page
    Click the download button then install once the download completes


    Next Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (install all listed below in the order listed)

    A) Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Update 5 Redistributable Package


    B) Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable


    ================================================== ===================

    Now that all the above pre-requisites are installed you can go ahead and install any of the software.

    Note - When installing our software if any updated supporting files are needed a popup will show prompting to install them in which case check the box to agree then click Ok to run that installation then once it is complete click to close the window and the main software installation will continue.


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