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    All Software Pre-Requsites and Requirements

    Below is a list of pre-requisite installs required for successfully running any of the software.
    You need ALL pre-requisites PLUS follow the Account/Computer settings noted further down the page.


    Notes: -

    * The Microsoft modules below should be installed in the order listed.

    * If you begin installing a module you may get a message saying that it's already installed in which case just cancel out of the install.

    * For the 64 bit versions if your system is a 32bit system it will also give a message that it can't be installed so cancel out as those are only for 64 bit systems.


    1) Install adobe reader (this is best for when the reports open at the end)

    Next Install Microsoft .Net 4.8

    1. Go to this page
    Click the download button then install once the download completes

    Next Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (install ALL listed below in the order listed. If you get a message that a higher package is already installed or it's not compatible with your system just close the installer and move on)

    A) Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Update 5 Redistributable Package


    B) Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 Redistributable (install ALL listed below in the order listed. If you get a message that a higher package is already installed or it's not compatible with your system just close the installer and move on)


    Next in the start menu search box type "Windows Update" and in the result choose check for updates.
    If there are any windows updates available install all then restart your computer.

    Additional Computer Settings/Notes
    ================================================== ===================

    1) Display Settings
    The display setting on the computer need to be set on the 100% option, to check this:
    Right-click on the desktop and choose Display settings from the menu
    Under the Scale and layout confirm that the setting is on 100% and if not select 100% from the drop-down then you'll need to log out and back in for the change to take effect.

    2) Firewall/Antivirus
    To ensure your security software does not interfere with the software be sure to add an exception for the software files inside the C:/Program Files (x86)
    (How to add exceptions will vary so check the help files for you Firewall/Antivirus). If you have problems which may be related to your security software blocking things try temporarily disabling your Firewall/Antivirus software to check if they are blocking the software processes.

    3) Google/Youtube/Twitter Accounts

    *) For the softwares which work with Google/Youtube, the first time you run any new app which accesses a Google account,or log in/run an app from a different location, Google triggers a Security notice email and may block access to the account from the app until you acknowledge that it is indeed you accessing the account so when you run the software the first time:

    - Log into for the account.
    - Look for any email from Google with a subject about Security. Open the email and click View Activity, then on the next page click Yes it was me then you'll be able to run the software with that account.

    ** The Google account used must not have a Youtube account which is suspended. If the Youtube account is suspended maps will block Youtube videos from being added to the map **

    *) GMB Dominator/Maps Blaster Users
    Any Google account used for running GMB Dominator projects, must NOT be linked to a Suspended/Banned Youtube account otherwise the Dominator project will stall on the video add screen due to the suspended Youtube account being blocked. The Google account must have a Youtube account in good standing plus the Youtube account needs to have a channel (does not necessarily need any videos on it, just a channel setup).

    *) For Twitter Citation Link Blaster
    Any Twitter account used for the software needs to be logged into manually in your browser on the computer you will run the software and any verification/authorization request responded to so the account is ready and the software can log into it.

    4) Images/Videos

    * All images/videos for projects MUST be on the local drive, NOT located on external/virtual drives such as Dropbox/OneDrive etc so ensure these are on your local drive.
    * Filenames and Folder names should not have spaces or erroneous characters in the names so check and correct any filenames/folder names.
    * Resource folders MUST only contain files of the same type. E.G. Image folder should ONLY contain images (no other files or folders), and Video folders should ONLY contain videos (no other files or folders)

    After the above steps restart the software and run the project. If you've done all steps above and you still have a technical problem with the project completing then submit a support ticket at and provide as much detail as possible about the problem and where in the process it happens and we'll assist to diagnose the issue.

    ================================================== ==============
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