Got 3 accounts suspended, observations but no conclusions!
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Thread: Got 3 accounts suspended, observations but no conclusions!

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    Got 3 accounts suspended, observations but no conclusions!

    so the last few days ive managed to get one full set of accounts suspended, and 2 other which were crap ones i had quickly set up myself.

    heres a summary of what i had done with each (from memory)

    the two crap ones i had basically set up a basic account for each, verified phone number etc, but no blog post or anything, no profile pic either. i think i may have used both to run a lot of poking by using them for LRS - probably 60 to 70 for each - but had generally manually gone in to each account within a day or so to delete all the event listings (i.e. after i had seen whether they would rank or not). Anyway, for one of those accounts i tried to do ten actual videos through HOM today, and on video 7 G popped up to say that it thought i was doing something dodgy blah blah, and suspended me. As if i would do something dodgy?!

    On the other basic account i was running LRS, but i think there is a slight problem with LRS as my account list had 4 accounts listed, and i thought it would only do 15 per account, but it ended up doing about 30 or so before G then said again that it thought i was doing something dodgy. As if.

    Ive noticed a few times that LRS has poked using way more than 15 videos per account. Had 43 a few days back. Not sure whether that is LRS or whether G has changed something. But i think that may have counted against me?

    So thats 2 accounts down.

    The third account was a full AI. I hadnt used this account for any LRS poking at all i dont think. But i had created i guess about 7 - 10 G sites, each with 6 or so pages on average. I'd run a total of 17 videos through HOM, then G said it thought i was doing something dodgy. Honestly, dont they have anything better to do with their time?

    Anyway, so the long and the short of it is that im not really any wiser as to why these accounts got pulled. I have about 15 or so other basic accounts, each so far had probably the same amount of work applied to them as the 2 basic ones that got suspended. So far theyre ok, but im getting twitchy about using them any more in case they too get looked at, and the vids that i have already uploaded then subsequently get pulled too.

    As for the AI profile, very stumped at that. No idea why they got that one, as the videos were uploaded 4 or 5 at a time, not all at once.

    Overall, the results that HOM gets are very good. Lots of page 1 near the top results. Moving forward, ive decided that creating LOTS of basic accounts, verifying each with a £1 sim card, and for the time being uploading no more than 5 videos, is the way to go. I'll see how that goes, and if i dont get any more suspended i may try upping the video count a little.

    Hope you all found that informative! ;-)

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    Re: Got 3 accounts suspended, observations but no conclusions!

    I have used the Google Site Creator, the Blogger Creator, HOM and TJ and the ONLY account I've had banned was the AI account I purchased!

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    Re: Got 3 accounts suspended, observations but no conclusions!

    Thanks for your posts guys

    I personally haven't lost any accounts whatsoever.. all of them AI accounts etc.

    we do hear occasionally that people have an account closed.. typically in support when we investigate further its generally the content that gets the accounts flagged.

    Sometimes it's competitors flagging accounts.

    There's no real exact information because it's so varied etc.

    We are doing extremely well considering the amount of sites/blogs/videos that get created each and every day and only occasionally hear about accounts getting flagged etc..
    we have 100's or 1000's of projects created each day using our products, so the percentage of accounts closed is a tiny percentage, under 1% etc


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