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Thread: Need help with results

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    Need help with results

    Iīm doing my first searches but I think the results arenīt well I think that I donīt have real data.
    I live in Spain and Iīm searching principally in .es.

    1. In one search, I searched a Spanish keyword ("television 4k") on .es as results I have English kws?
    2. In all my searches the 90% of InUrl, InTitle and In Quotes results I have are 0 but if I do manually the search I have different results.
    3. What is the "In Quotes" and "Broad" terms exactly please?
    4. When RankSpy do the queries, do RankSpy use "" with each keyword in "intitle" (intitle:"kw"), "inurl" (inurl:"kw")...?

    Iīm having similar results with eComSpy.


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    Re: Need help with results

    Try these entries in google

    television 4k


    "television 4k"
    Gives results for these two words beside each other on webpages. e.g how many sites are competing for this exact term placed like this.


    Intitle:"television 4k"

    This reveals how many sites have put these two terms in this order in the "Title" of their webpages.. e.g. reveals how many sites are
    targeting this specific term in their titles.. e.g. actual competition..


    InUrl:"television 4k"

    This reveals how many websites have this term, in this order, in the URL of their pages..

    reveals how many people are actually targeting this exact term

    Compare the first result.. to the last result.. the last results gives you an idea how many webmasters are specifically targeting this exact term in google.

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    Re: Need help with results

    Thanks for your reply but this doesnīt help me.

    I understand that you say me but that you say me is the work of RankSpy, right?
    RankSpy gives me different data that if I do the queries manually, RankSpy gives me the most of results with zero but if I do the queries manually then I see that is different. I cannot trust in the results RankSpy gives me and I canīt automate my keyword research with RankSpy.

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    Re: Need help with results

    I'm not really sure I understand what you are requesting or what the specific issue is.

    can you create a support ticket at

    and describe in detail what you are trying to achieve, plus provide screen shots of the results you are getting etc.

    they'll be able to help from there.


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