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    GMB Dominator Software Beta Is Live Now

    What's Better than getting your GMB In the 3Pack?

    How about Getting your GMB in the 3Pack.

    PLUS in the 3Packs in the Surrounding Neighbourhoods?

    Resulting in:

    * Increased Traffic to your GMB
    * Increased Leads from your GMB
    * Increased Profits from your GMB
    * Increased Calls from your GMB

    The more 3Packs your listed in the more business, makes sense right?

    Like To create Driving Maps directly to your GMB?
    Like to Rank in Surrounding Neighbourhoods/Suburbs?

    Watch the Video Below.

    Simple 4 Step Software

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    That's It. Click on Start.

    These are the Results The GMB Dominator Software Provides you
    at the end of the Run. Can you think of all the possibilities?
    That you can use with this content rich PDF Document?

    See The Bonus Softwares Down Below.

    Retaining Paying Clients

    The beauty of this System is that is can be 100% external to the GMB you are promoting.

    Meaning.. external properties owned by YOU are what keeps the GMB Ranking in the 3Pack, say
    god forbid a client decided to stop paying your monthly commitment...

    Simple, find their competitor who's number 4, just out of the three pack and let them
    know you have the perfect linking infrastructure in place to get them into the 3Pack
    and enjoy the extra calls/traffic blah blah...

    Then you simply edit out the previous clients links and maps and replace them with
    the client who's number 4, then your previous client and the new client will certainly swap places
    in the rankings..
    saving you time
    Ensuring ongoing payment continuity in your business.

    Now, we haven't even started Yet!!

    Check out these Amazing Exclusive Bonus's
    I created Specifically for this Membership!

    Did you know up to 30% of GMB's are UnClaimed?

    This extremely simple script allows you to discover them ALL in Any Niche, in Any Location World Wide.
    This video reveals how simple it is to find them using our 100% Exclusive Software.
    There is NO Other Software on the Planet that discovers and reveals UnClaimed GMBs
    with a single click of our Mouse. This is an online script, nothing to download.

    This Software has had significant updates already as seen below.

    Bonus 2.

    100% Exclusive software only found in this membership.
    i.e. Not sold separately or anywhere else.

    GsitesEmbedinator Software

    Watch this video below
    We created this software from Scratch based on feedback from our Customers.
    The perfect tool to work in with GMB Dominator software to Rank your GMBs and also
    IN the Surrounding Neighbourhoods!! Boom!

    GMB Activity SPY!

    You need this software, before you try to rank in any niche. This software
    reveals those Niches that are Easy to jump into and get in the 3Pack.
    This is the only software on the planet that automatically finds which GMB's are posting
    content or not in your chosen Niche.

    BIG BONUS 4.

    Customer Testimonials.

    Super Secret Software, that is a result of all the other softwares.

    This super secret software will retail on it's own for double the price of this membership. And you Beta Testers get it as part of this membership.

    It's so gosh darn powerful I can't even say what it is publicly.

    It will be released approximately 3 weeks after we go live with this Beta Test.

    Beta testers will be the first to see this software and part of their job being a beta tester will be testing and helping to improve this 3rd Bonus Software and doing a short 1 min honest video testimonial of it's results and how it's helped them.

    This Bonus Software No3 is so powerful, I'll only sell it to a handful of people, but those will certainly be lucky people.

    Here's what I can tell you for now.

    Here's what you do..

    Start the software..

    Enter some basic data.. 2 mins.

    Let it run over night
    (or, say 2 or 3 hours depending on how much data you enter)

    Wake up in the morning to an Inbox of:

    High Paying NICHE TARGETED Prospects


    This creates a lot of opportunities.

    * To build your own agency.
    * To supply other agencies with clients for a regular commission.
    * To do above in Any country in the world. Any Location.

    Plus a lot more we'll add once you guys start using it and find ways to tweak it even more to improve it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidThornton View Post
    As the owner of a successful SEO/Digital Marketing Agency in Pasadena, California, I have purchased all of Peter’s SEO software tools over the past 3 years and I can honestly say that Peter’s tools have been instrumental in our ability to rank all of our clients, no matter their niche or location, #1 in Google’s “snack pack” and organic search results for multiple keywords.

    Now, with the release of Peter’s new GMB Dominator software (and bonuses), SEO will become child’s play for those that choose to employ the GMB Dominator software in a strategic combination with Peter’s entire suite of SEO software!

    2019 is indeed the year of SEO domination, thanks to Peter and the new GMB Dominator!


    ================================================== =========================

    Guys, you know how excited/passionate I am right now about GMB's

    As I've said, The current status of Local Search and particularly GMB's takes me back to the good ol Days of Google SEO.

    It was just a no brainer.. I know of personally close to 1000 SEO Agencies that were started using my previous Brute Force SEO software and newer iterations of it. The entire SEO community was rolling in success.

    We are back there Right Now....

    Though some people without the history or experience do not realise this.

    So to help these newer people to our community I'm creating the best deal I've ever produced, to entice them into the fold right now.

    Not only am I selling our GMB Dominator Software that helps you rank your, or your Clients GMB's not just in their own location, but in up to 9 other surrounding locations, driving all that business from those other locations directly to them.

    But I've created another amazing Tool..

    Bonus 1.

    That is the "ONLY" Discovery tool on the planet that at the click of a mouse reveals all "Unclaimed GMB's in ANY Niche


    ANY Location around the Globe.

    Not Only does it reveal this data, my script goes out and scrapes their contact emails directly. Saving you a TON of time.

    So you can contact them immediately..

    Plus we provide awesome training from those Genius's at Semantic Mastery on best methods.

    Then I created ANOTHER Software:

    Bonus 2.

    Unlimited Links/Embeds Automated.

    More Map embeds = Higher Rankings easily.

    100% Exclusive software only found in this membership.
    That will post your Google Map Embeds of your GMB and the 9 Surrounding NeighbourHoods AND a Custom Relevant PDF to just as many Relevant Google Sites as you like, an Unlimited amount..

    Bonus 3.

    We developed this specific software, because all our members were manually checking by hand GMB's that have posts to them or not. This is a massive ranking signal. GMB's that post regularly and are in the 3pack are difficult to out rank.

    So we created software to do all this work for you and print out a report.
    You enter a niche and location in the software and it goes out and discovers which GMB's are posting content to their GMB or not.

    When choosing another neighbourhood to rank in and generate tons more traffic, it makes sense to choose a neighbourhood that
    has less competitive GMB's to rank in. Our Activity Spy take all the hard work out of GMB competition research.

    AND THEN.......................

    There's Super Secret Bonus No 4.

    Which I can't even talk about because it's too powerful, I'll be retailing this software at twice the cost of this membership alone.. to keep the number of agencies using it down to ensure longevity and to keep it away from people who could abuse it.

    To purchase an additional license for this software (For people Outside this beta testing membership) will be cost the same amount as the cost of this membership alone.. But you Beta Testers get this new software ON THE HOUSE......

    So you can see what I'm doing here..

    Throwing so much quality and exclusive software at you to ensure you get on board.

    The strategies we use, will develop over time, from the membership. I already know the quality of the members who'll be joining from the constant emails, IM's Skype messages I get from experts dying to jump on board, and they aren't even aware of the bonus's..

    Once the beta testing is closed, this price point will be gone forever,

    Spots are limited.

    Note, part of being a beta tester requires you make a short 1 to 2 min honest video testimonial of this membership.

    I'll see you on the Inside!!

    GMB Dominator Customer Testimonial

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