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Thread: Thoughts On This NEW STRATEGY

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    Cool Thoughts On This NEW STRATEGY

    I thought about making the directions in the maps go from my clients biggest competitors address, to my clients address (instead of a neighborhood). That would give the perception to Google or anyone else that saw the published page that the searcher was unhappy with the competitors business and was going to my clients business instead. My questions for Peter or anyone else would be:

    1. By mentioning a competitors business would it actually give them SEO juice along with my clients business, or could it possibly take away juice from their business, since the searcher is looking for directions elsewhere?

    2. Could this also be a way to take advantage of a competitor that has low review scores, because people are leaving their business to go elsewhere (my client, of course)?

    3. Could we combine this strategy with the neighborhood strategy and publish both or would that be detrimental to the original strategy?

    Please give me your thoughts on this, so we can kick some booty with it if you think it will work.

    RankStar Randy

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    Re: Thoughts On This NEW STRATEGY

    First of all.. Great bloody question

    1. yes or no LOL
    Impossible to say without testing and seeing the results, which of course are easy to measure in the rankings

    This idea is Based on the idea that Googles Algo is smart enough to determine direction of traffic from one place to another. Are we there yet? I'm really not sure, the only way to know is to test it. Though you could well be giving additional signals to the "From" Business.. which is entirely possible.

    So the testing would have to be with a throw away GMB , as compared to testing with a clients GMB of course.

    No point answering 2 and 3, until No1 has been tested etc..

    It's a great idea..

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    Re: Thoughts On This NEW STRATEGY

    Great idea indeed

    U ever test this Randy?

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